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Constructive advice

Compared to hot rolled profiles, cold rolled profiles have a number of undeniable benefits. Also thanks to the roll form technologyand correct material choice, thin wall thicknesses can be realised in this way resulting in greater freedom when shaping and allowing for asymmetric designs. This offers attractive options for weight and cost savings without compromising on optimal functionality!

Our knowledge, your principle

However, asymmetric and thin-walled construction requires specific construction knowledge that is not all mechanical engineers possess. However, the engineers at KS Profiel have in-house expertise and experience in the field of light and strong construction and can advise our clients accordingly. An important principle is that the profiles not onlyhave to meet expectations in terms of design and appearance, but they also have to meet the applicable standards and requirements with respect to strength, safety and durability. Our experienced R&D department is familiar withthe standards applied in various sectors and industries and has the tools with which strength calculations can be conducted for both symmetric as well as asymmetric profile shapes.

Your construction

Safe construction is an important issue, because over 90% of our profiles are used in structural capacities! To be able to advise our clients well, it is important that we can predict how our profiles will behave under specific strains whenin practice. It may be the material thickness and/or the height has to be adapted, the shape amended, or the profiles need to be produced with an arch from high strength steel so as to meet the needs of our clients as closely as possible.

Your ideal profile

With our profile knowledge and construction experience we are the ideal partner for clients looking to create their optimal product. We value designs on strength and durability. In addition, we can often improve the feasibility of the product design to help decrease production costs.

We often find that being involved in the development of a (new) profile at an early stage is hugely beneficial for the process; allowing us to help our clients develop 'the ideal profile'.

KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
Roelof van der Klis, CEO Reppel bv
KS Profile has an experience in profiling we can learn from !
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Looking for steel ? We sell more !
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As a family business, we’re a strong team. We’re in it to win: for and with the customer!
Leendert Noordzij, CEO of KS profiel B.V.
Why not consider magnesium/zinc as an alternative to hot-dipp-galvanized profiles.
Peter van Vugt, Account manager at KS slit strip & sheets
KS Profile has three key points for me: Quality, Price and Reliability in delivery !
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Every day spent at KS is different. Every day’s a new challenge
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Everyone at KS profiel is 100% committed creating excellent products.
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Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
Marijn v.d. Werken, R&D Engineer at KS Profiel B.V.