Our R&D engineers are happy to advice in your construction
Together we will get to the best design
For instance: Solar
Our R&D engineers are happy to advice in your construction. Together we will get to the best design
Practice example of possible (inline) ancillary operations
Practice example of integration of functions in a profile
manually sketches during brainstorming session
model of our 3D printer
3D print for new smart connection – the components
3D print for new smart connection – the composition
3D print for new smart connection – the final destination

Design advice

40 years of experience in producing profiles underlies the design advice we give to optimise the products of our clients.

Our R&D employees get together with the designers and engineers of our customers during the early stages of development.

The question behind the question

We are happy to work together with you to find the 'question behind the question':

  • What is the profile intended for?
  • What is the place and the function of the profile in the entire product?
  • Under what circumstances will it be applied?
  • What are the requirements with respect to maximum dimensions, corrosion resistance, (tensile) strength, stiffness, weight, appearance and finishing?

We can go on and on like this: our engineers support you in finding the right answers.

Design of your optimal product

In each phase we watch the development to see whether the profile meets the functional specifications and is technically and economically viable to produce. This allows for interesting optimisations. For example when applying unique 'screwless coupling systems' based on mountings, slots and tabs, you save on additional connectors and mounting material.

This means mounting/building can be conducted faster and cheaper, due to which you can also save on labour costs.

3D printer

We have a 3D printer and at an early stage we can show you how your profile will look in practice as well as providing the opportunity to conduct functional tests that can be used as the basis for improving the profile!

KS Profile has three key points for me: Quality, Price and Reliability in delivery !
Job Bossers, CEO JB Hydroponics bv
Why not consider magnesium/zinc as an alternative to hot-dipp-galvanized profiles.
Peter van Vugt, Account manager at KS slit strip & sheets
Everyone at KS profiel is 100% committed creating excellent products.
Anita Derks, Head Human Resources KS Profiel B.V.
As a family business, we’re a strong team. We’re in it to win: for and with the customer!
Leendert Noordzij, CEO of KS profiel B.V.
Looking for steel ? We sell more !
Davey van Elteren, Account manager at KS Profiel B.V.
Every day spent at KS is different. Every day’s a new challenge
Ronald Speksnijder, Operater, team leader at KS Profiel B.V.
Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
Marijn v.d. Werken, R&D Engineer at KS Profiel B.V.
KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
Roelof van der Klis, CEO Reppel bv
KS Profile has an experience in profiling we can learn from !
Dirk Monster, Managing director Laminex bv