KS Profiel manufactures L, U, C, C+, Sigma, Sigma+, Omega, Z and custom made profiled sections up to approx. 750 mm in width, up to 8 mm in thickness, and up to 25 m in length. For the bulk of the jobs we receive, we make use of our standard in-house equipment. In the case of custom made profiles, on occasion equipment and tools are developed specifically for that manufacturing process.

Depending on the profile type, it may worth looking into having your sections rolled (from 3.000 m1 upwards). Test samples are provided using folded sheet metal. KS profiel’s manufacturing process partly uses automated rollers, which means production can be run by order and thus we keep no (standard) stock.

Note: because we adjust our machines for each profile, please take into account a minimum amount of EUR 5.000 per quotation. Our standard profiles L, U and C at least ca. 3 tons per profile-type. Omega and Z-profiles from approx 5 tons per profile-type.