Inline bewerkingen en nabewerkingen
we fit within your profile
inline ancillary operations and finishes - hole patterns - ending - laserwelding
adjustments by embossing
impressnuts for efficient en reliable installation
In-line execution of connecting parts
swaged lips over whole length
cleated lip in combination with special cuttingend
perforation for loadbearing
custom made prepunched or pierced hole pattern
Curved section
end finishing

Inline ancillary operations and finishes

Our modern machinery is fully equipped to carry out all possible (inline) ancillary operations, including holes patterns. Your material is processed with the utmost care: repetitive and non-repetitive patterns, countersunk holes, oversets, cut outs, conversions, logos and codes, embossments, pressed-in nuts, welded on parts, etc.

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Hole patterns

Steel profile sections up to 8mm thick can be fitted with a custom made prepunched or pierced hole pattern during the manufacturing process.

End finishes

Using in-line operations, we can ensure that profiled sections are cut at an angle, this includes shortening sections diagonally.

Laser Welding

We are also able to manufacture closed-box sections using our inline welding unit. Sections from 0.8 mm to 4 mm thickness in pickled and galvanized steel.

Camber beams

We are also able to provide profiled sections with a lengthwise curvature, for use in construction as a roof or bridge beams. It’s what we like to call an ‘intentional camber’.

Embossment and narrowing

This will allow profile sections to be connected without additional material and/or connectors. This saves time and resources and is logistically more sound.

Pressed-in nuts

We are able to apply pressed-in nuts during the manufacturing process, ensuring a simplified assembly process for your construction.

Logos, texts, markings

Your profile sections can be fitted with logos, texts, numbers and markings. This is done with the utmost precision via in-line operations through a variety of processes.


Any welding jobs, e.g. between two parts (e.g. back to back) can be carried out very efficiently at our factory.


Any assembly jobs, e.g. between various steel parts, can be carried out entirely according to your specifications.

Assembly & partial construction

Any assembly jobs, whether it’s the assembly of an entire frame or partial construction of a structure, can be carried out according to your specifications – quickly and efficiently.

Ready-to-use assembly kits

We like to make things as easy as possible. That’s why we offer our customers ready-to-use assembly kits, tailored to the various steel profile sections, with various lengths and prepunched hole patterns. In this way, customers can quickly get on with the business of constructing their product.

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