Lean & Green - for productivity and sustainability

At KS Profiel, our approach is centered around productivity and sustainability The Lean Six Sigma method originated in the industry, aimed at tackling different types of waste from company processes, and using applied statistics, optimizing manufacturing processes. It is important to us that customers need only keep a low inventory, which is why our delivery times are short and we keep service high using our unique SLTO program.

We are always looking for materials that are less harmful to the environment: a coating of magnesium/zinc being a wonderful alternative to hot dipped galvanizing. Not only is the coating more eco-friendly, but also has a much higher corrosion resistance, and is kinder on your pocket book.

Everyone at KS profiel is 100% committed creating excellent products.
Anita Derks, Head Human Resources KS Profiel B.V.
KS Profile has an experience in profiling we can learn from !
Dirk Monster, Managing director Laminex bv
As a family business, we’re a strong team. We’re in it to win: for and with the customer!
Leendert Noordzij, CEO of KS profiel B.V.
Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
Marijn v.d. Werken, R&D Engineer at KS Profiel B.V.
Looking for steel ? We sell more !
Davey van Elteren, Account manager at KS Profiel B.V.
Every day spent at KS is different. Every day’s a new challenge
Ronald Speksnijder, Operater, team leader at KS Profiel B.V.
KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
Roelof van der Klis, CEO Reppel bv
Why not consider magnesium/zinc as an alternative to hot-dipp-galvanized profiles.
Peter van Vugt, Account manager at KS slit strip & sheets
KS Profile has three key points for me: Quality, Price and Reliability in delivery !
Job Bossers, CEO JB Hydroponics bv