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Logistic solutions

At KS Profile, we think along with you right on from the ‘first draft ideas’, in order to develop and produce a product that meets all your wishes and requirements, both technically as well as economically and functionally. 

When it comes to logistics everything has to run smoothly!

And that’s not all. Because many products that we produce, mostly in larger quantities, are intended for phased construction or assembly processes. As such, it usually makes little sense to deliver everything all at once at the construction or production facility. That only causes confusion. Therefore, an important aspect of our business is creating and carrying out logistic ‘just-in time’ solutions. This means you can also count on us when it comes to logistics. As a KS Profile client you are advised by ‘your own’ Inside Account manager, who monitors and coordinates the order processing and actively keeps you informed on the progress of the process. From the first design all the way to the delivery.

What do you want to be delivered when and where?

From our distribution centres in the Netherlands we supply our clients worldwide and we will be further expanding our logistic services and facilities in the coming years. After all, as a KS Profile client you want an optimal solution in every possible aspect. We fully align the nature and scale of the shipment and the time of delivery with your construction, project or production planning. If required, we can temporarily store products and deliver ‘on call’, which helps you save on management and inventory costs. For cross-border deliveries we arrange all the required transport and export documents and we can arrange transport over land, over water and by air. Exactly what you want and as fast as is required. Do you prefer to pick up the products yourself at one of our distribution centres, or arrange the transport yourself? Also that is obviously no problem either.

In the rightorder, with the rightinstructions

By clearly tagging products that are part of a construction or assembly process and label, pack and shipping them per section and phase wise, you can get started with them as soon as they arrive on site. Because of the accompanying documents, containing all required information, you will see at a glance which products have to be mounted where and how. Additionally, the (reversed) order in which we have loaded them into a truck or container, seamlessly matches your assembly/production order. Therefore the work can be carried out quickly and accurately with a minimal risk of errors. This way we deliver tailored packages to demanding clients in different sectors according to a meticulous time schedule. Examples include the phased construction of automated (high-rise) warehouses, solar power plants (with large numbers of solar panels that are mounted in special profiles), but also trailer construction, for which the manufacturer, thanks to our phased delivery, no longer has to keep intermediate stocks.


Quality in every aspect

A typical delivery can contain as much as 500 tons of different profiles. These parts often look very similar, but can vary greatly in terms of patterns of holes. As a result, the number of product variations can be immense. To minimise the risk of errors in the application and coding of the holes and the identification of the profiles, KS Profile uses special procedures that were developed in-house. In addition to a clear coding system, we also pay special attention to tailored packaging to make sure the products are not damaged during transport. In short, in every aspect, KS Profile ensures that as a client you get the right products that technically, functionally, but also economically meet all your expectations, delivered at exactly the right moment!

KS Profile has three key points for me: Quality, Price and Reliability in delivery !
Job Bossers, CEO JB Hydroponics bv
KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
Roelof van der Klis, CEO Reppel bv
Looking for steel ? We sell more !
Davey van Elteren, Account manager at KS Profiel B.V.
Why not consider magnesium/zinc as an alternative to hot-dipp-galvanized profiles.
Peter van Vugt, Account manager at KS slit strip & sheets
KS Profile has an experience in profiling we can learn from !
Dirk Monster, Managing director Laminex bv
Every day spent at KS is different. Every day’s a new challenge
Ronald Speksnijder, Operater, team leader at KS Profiel B.V.
Everyone at KS profiel is 100% committed creating excellent products.
Anita Derks, Head Human Resources KS Profiel B.V.
As a family business, we’re a strong team. We’re in it to win: for and with the customer!
Leendert Noordzij, CEO of KS profiel B.V.
Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
Marijn v.d. Werken, R&D Engineer at KS Profiel B.V.