Mezzanine floors, floor systems
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Sigma-section for floor systems

Mezzanine floors, floor systems

Double your available surface area by installing a mezzanine floor, simply and affordably, without major renovations or construction work taking place. A mezzanine floor can be used for extra storage space, or as a workshop, office, showroom, etc. Just about everything is possible with our unique steel structures. The use of integrated connectors in the beams and sections, allows for the floors to be installed quickly and with a minimum amount of fastening equipment.

Standard and standard plus sections

KS Profiel has developed a wide range of C-sections and Sigma-sections, which can easily be used to construct supporting structures. They are the ideal base for a mezzanine floor or upper-story-floors, or roof and wall constructions. Using our system sections, construction becomes a flexible and rapid process. Our sections can accommodate a height of 500 mm, and a material thickness of up to 5 mm. This allows manufacturers to develop an optimal construction design. We make use integrated connectors at the ends of the sections, allowing for quick assembly. Cold-rolled beams and sections are light and easy to use, making assembly easy even in places that a difficult to reach. We’d be happy to go over the technical details with you. Our standard beams and channels can also be adapted immediately in-line, e.g. narrowed or provided with a pre-punched or drilled hole pattern. Our state-of-the-art factory in Moerdijk allows us to manufacture your products quickly and efficiently.

Custom made sections

KS Profiel is also the leading company on the market for custom made steel flooring constructions. We combine your industry knowledge with our knowhow of steel. Our R&D engineers will supply you with their expertise in order to guarantee smart, constructive and innovative solutions for your upper-story flooring projects. Particularly in large projects, a lot can be achieved by optimizing one’s steel sections. For example regarding the choice of materials or constructive solutions, such as elimination of additional connectors, halving the necessary bolts, the addition of unique coupling systems (narrowing), so that your project is smarter, faster and cheaper to build. Using our 3D software and calculations, we would be happy to demonstrate how this can be achieved.

Checkout our steel qualities
  • Checkout our steel quality
  • Hot rolled pickled/un-pickled: DX11, S235, S355, S420
  • Hot dipped galvanised: DX51, DX52, S280-S700 in Z100-Z800
  • Magnesium Zinc: DX51D-S420ZM, 140/ZM 275
  • Cold rolled: DC01
  • Aluzinc: DX51 AZ 150
  • Electro galvanised: DC01 ZE 25/25
  • Aluminiumised: DX51 AS120
  • Pre-coated steel, for example, polyester, plastisol
  • Stainless steel FE430, 304_2B, 316_2B
  • Other qualities on request
  • Thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 8.0 mm
  • Cold rolled profiles according to NEN-EN 10162:2003 standards
Logistics services

We like to go one step further than just producing profiles. We deliver our products door-to-door all over the world, exactly when and how you want it. It is even possible to let us compile complete assembly kits, which you can use right away. We call it stress-free delivery.

Never settle for the first solution that comes by. Our principle is: things can always be smarter and cheaper.
Harald Freericks, Key-Account Manager at KS Profiel B.V.
Why not consider magnesium/zinc as an alternative to hot-dipp-galvanized profiles.
Peter van Vugt, Account manager at KS slit strip & sheets
Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
Marijn v.d. Werken, R&D Engineer at KS Profiel B.V.
Working with a qualified R&D and Sales Team like ours, generates positive energy and creativity, internally and externally
Koos Vlak, Export Manager at KS Profiel B.V.
At KS you enjoy going in to work every day
Heidi van der Lugt, Office Manager KS Profiel B.V.
Making existing constructions smarter. That’s what gives the customer a big lead.
Sander Koomen, Account manager at KS Profiel B.V.
KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
Roelof van der Klis, CEO Reppel bv
KS Profile has an experience in profiling we can learn from !
Dirk Monster, Managing director Laminex bv
Looking for steel ? We sell more !
Davey van Elteren, Account manager at KS Profiel B.V.