Targetted Optimalisation
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Comparative test of magnesium-zink-aluminium (Magnelis®) versus standard hot dip galvanized. 3CT test on “concrete floor” samples.
Example for microscopic examination
Profile shape sets requirements on the material quality

Material advice

Nowadays a wide range of steel and aluminium is available from which KS Profiel can produce a large variety of high quality profile types. The manymaterial variants make it possible to align important properties (such as flow stress, yield strength, tensile strength, stiffness, corrosion sensitivity, appearance etc.) exactly to the practical application.

Types of steel

We produce corrosion resistant, specialfinished profiles from stainless steel (SST) thatare directlyapplicable to the foodstuffs industry. There are also 'high strength types of steel’with which it is possible to realise lighter profiles with effective mechanicalproperties. We apply this material, among other things, in the production of profiles for truck and trailer construction, where weight/fuel economy and increasing the net load capacity are important principles.

Pre-treated material and Material tests

Our advice may be to use pre-treated material, think of paint, coating, zinc, magnesium zinc (Magnelis ®) etc.

With pre-treated material you save significantly on logistics and time.

We always collaborate with our material suppliers, so we are able to be able to deliverthe ideal solution for specialapplications as well. If necessary we conduct specific tests, such as the salt spray test, with which we can establish the corrosion resistance of specific materials.

When necessary we conduct microscopic examination, hardness measurements and durability tests under dynamic load.

After-treatments / finisthes

We can increase properties such as the corrosion resistance and the resistance against wear with chemical or thermal after-treatment of the profiles.

We can also deliver profiles with a strong (organic) wet paint or powder coating for functional and/or aesthetic reasons. In short, we have various in-housetechniques to precisely align the material and profileproperties to their application.

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