3D Printer provides cost reduction


A detailed 3D profile on the computer is great. The disadvantage is that, despite this, your concept is still flat on the screen. With our 3D printer your profile can be made tangible in just a short time.


Printed concept profiles

By printing in layers, the most complex forms can be created, resulting in more options in the design process and ultimaltely in production as well.

By making use of the 3D printer the design process can be speeded up and the communication process improved. Any construction errors in the design can also be detected at an early stage.

Efficient, fast, accurate and cost effective!

 The 3D printer offers many advantages:

  • getting a physical model faster and cheaper means cost reductions in the design process;
  • a model that is visually identical to your final product;
  • provides the option to conduct ergonomic or functional tests in advance, limiting the risks;
  • shorter "Time to Market"

Our R&D

We are happy to work with you in the field of optimal design, connections to other (existing) parts, material choice and material savings.