KS in the top 100 of the Dutch Manufacturing industry


Each year, the ranking of the 100 best performing SME manufacturing companies in the Netherlands is compiled by the Management Team in cooperation with Mazars Berenschot Corporate Finance. Companies with a turnover of up to half a billion Euros have been assessed. These are companies with a Dutch parent company that supply B2B companies. All these companies have been assessed on four factors: their turnover, turnover growth, EBITDA and their return on invested capital.


KS as a major grower

For a long time, the manufacturing industry has more or less been maligned, now it is again being generally acknowledged as essential for the future of the Netherlands.

In the overall ranking, KS Profiel is now 77th in the list of top100 manufacturing companies and is 10th in the 'largest growers' subcategory and 4th within the steel industry.

Something we are proud of! 

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