Marklandcollege students get acquainted with a new technology


“May we keep these shoes?...they are quite comfortable!”, one of the Marklandcollege from Zevenbergen asks. Class 2A just arrived at KS Profiel for a tour of the company. Safety shoes are mandatory in the factory hall, but that is “just chill”.


Surprisingly educational

KS Profiel is one of the participating companies of “Verrassend leerzaam” (surprisingly educational), a collaboration project of the Havenschap Moerdijk, the Marklandcollege and a large number of companies in the Port of Moerdijk. The objective of the project is to make V.M.B.O. (intermediate preparatory vocational education) students acquainted with technology and to show them that there is a lot of activity in their immediate living environment.

“It is hard for a 14-year old to choose a profession OR career”, says Heidi van der Lugt, responsible for PR and Marketing at KS Profiel, “therefore we are happy to help by providing information. We show what we do here and how many people we need. We are a growing company and and therefore you can easily find a job with us if you have the right education”.

KS Profile

At KS profile metal profiles are customized for more than 500 clients worldwide. In the factory hall, students see and hear how huge machines pull the large rolls of steel through the punches and how punching process of the holes takes places. Process operators handle the computer-controlled machines. They ensure that the products are made according to the client’s order. Logistics staff takes care of the transport, while in the company’s offices, the purchase, sale and administration procedures are carried out.

Heidi also shows students how hard it is to drill a hole in steel, even using a strong machine drill. She challenges them to think about how to make another form other than a round hole from a steel plate. And they can beat until bending a piece of metal. Carlo Kooyman finds this to be an interesting tour. “I would like to work with this kind of technology because I like creating things. But according to one of my teachers everything is technology, so it doesn’t really matter where you are going to work”. That’s also true.