KS supplies unique custom made profiles for A4 tunnel wall


In 2011, the tunnel on the A4 motorway at Burgerveen (The Netherlands) was fitted with unique wall tiles with an extremely high level of fire resistance and acoustic absorption. The tiles have been designed to withstand two-hour fire of1100 degrees Celsius. The tiles were developed by Van Campen Industries in Lelystad.


The tiles themselves, however, were only part of the solution, the high level of fire resistance of the tiles also affecting the steel wall construction on which they were fitted, this also having to absorb the contraction and expansion of the structure at high temperatures. KS profiel rose to the challenge and was able to develop a custom made frame structure made up of steel profiles.

"It is precisely in the field of complex challenges that we have established a reputation of rising to the occasion.", said Harald Free Ricks, Account Manager at KS profiel, "We work alongside our clients, coming up with the smartest and cost-effective solution. Research and development plays a very prominent role within KS profiel and that has led to our implementing innovative, new materials. Our engineers calculate and analyze every detail and naturally the tunnel involved many variables and required a variety of steel profiles. We aim to make things as easy as possible for our client, from a point of view of logistics. This is why we put together comprehensive assembly kits, comprising profiles of various lengths, delivering them at the right time and at the right GPS co-ordinates.