KS profiel beams make renovating floors light work


The hassle and hardship of lugging heavy concrete beams whilst renovating floors in existing homes is a thing of the past. KS Profiel contributed towards the development of innovative steel sections (renovation beams) for the PS-floor renovation of VBI in Huissen, to replace rotten or worn wooden floors.


HSAWA compatible

The floor consists of steel beams and polystyrene filler blocks – easy to lift, and also easy to install in difficult places. Our HSAWA flooring system involves more results with fewer hours. Construction workers have reacted favorably. Cranes are no longer needed. Floors are completed in half a day, leaving just the concrete topping and the reinforced layer to be laid.

Easily customized

"Our galvanized steel beams weigh just 6.5 kilo per meter," says Harald Free Ricks, account manager at KS profiel. "That’s about a fifth of the weight of concrete beams. We produce the beams in four standard sizes, from three to five meters long. They’re easy to shorten with an angle grinder. And fewer beams are required as they have a center-to-center distance of 90 centimeters rather than the usual 63.."