ISO 9001 - Quality assured


KS Profiel employees have but one goal: delivering quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer can count on quality and excellent customer service. And we’ll gladly show them our ISO 9001 certificate. This certification is not an end in itself, but a confirmation of our continued commitment towards lasting and natural quality.


Lean Six Sigma - continues improvement

We like to go one step further. The Lean Six Sigma methodology ensures that we do the right things in the right way. This means constantly reviewing our services, products and processes.

Focus on quality

Our dedicated QA manager ensures that our people are able to improve their processes. Our focus is on generating added value for the customer. We’re continually looking to automate our business further and improve our production times, so that our clients can move forward even faster. Currently, we are able achieve 95% delivery reliability. Our goal is to reach 100%.