KS Profile opens branch office in USA


As per the 1st of May 2013 we further expanded our international branch network. Besides the already existing foreign branches in the German city of Wuppertal, there is now also a branch in Grand Rapids MI, USA.


Near our customers

"It is important to be near our customers," explains Director Leendert Noordzij with regard to the opening of KS Profile LLC in the USA. “We have a fantastic worldwide logistical network, in which for areas with larger purchasers it is strategically important and more economic to carry out business via a KS Profiel branch in the country concerned. The United States is a growth market for us. This is where many different kinds of steel profiles are applied, both in the construction and automotive branch (body construction) and in the logistical sector (distribution centres). We produce a wide array of standard profiles and also develop these, in close collaboration with the customer, into custom-made solutions. Being close to your buyers has an additionally stimulating effect, which is why we now have our own branches in Europe and in the USA. As an entirely Dutch family business, it is great to now be a world player in the field of profiles.”

Photo: Ed Mol, director of  Mol Belting, (sales agent KS Profile LLC) and Leendert Noordzij, director KS Profiel B.V.