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“We are an operational extension of the developmental, engineering and production department of our customers,” says CEO Leendert Noordzij regarding the strategy and philosophy of KS Profiel. “At the base of this lies an era of experience and know-how. KS Profiel will have been in existence for 40 years in 2015 and we can look back on four decades of growth, innovation and international development. However, we are especially looking forward to an era of close cooperation and the optimisation of our technical and logistics services. We see it as our mission that our services and products, which are developed in close cooperation with clients, make it possible for our customers to expand and strengthen their market position and profitability.”

KS 40 years

KS Profiel began forty years ago with the sale of standard profiles. The market developed rapidly and customers wanted more customisation. KS Profiel responded by offering operations such as punching holes and slots, applying additional settings, etc. This caused KS Profiel to slowly adapt the role of manufacturer. “Customers began to send drawings of specific profiles asking whether they could be produced. This is, in fact, how our role as manufacturer originated,” says Leendert Noordzij. “That has led to the fact that we currently have 13 advanced roll-forming lines. We can consequently manufacture a wide range of open and closed profiles with countless designs: thin, thick, small, large, light, heavy, simple, complex, plus a huge variety of punching patterns. Any desired series size is thus possible, from single pieces to large series. In addition, we have also invested in an advanced slitting line. We do not only apply slitting as a pre-treatment for our own production, but we also serve our customers who need slit strip material. We provide a wide range of high quality materials in this context, which we can slit in virtually any desired width. All of this with an unprecedented fast delivery time and at a competitive price.”

Specific know-how

“We design and manufacture the unique roll-forming tools for each profile ourselves and we have thus built up vast knowledge and experience,” continues Leendert Noordzij. “When we see our customers’ product drawings, we are inspired directly to find out how it is/will be technically possibleto produce this profile. At the same time we are eager to start thinking togetherwith those customers about how to optimise their product. Our experience and know-how will rise to the surface, on which basis we can make specific proposals. Both technical design and functional, as well as constructive. Looking at “the need behind the question” has led, inter alia, to the establishment of our R&D department in 2009. We like to get together with our customers as a development partner more and more at an early stage. We provide design and material recommendations, assess the ‘feasibility’ of product ideas, produce and test prototypes of new products in order to eventually produce them profitably for our customers. We make use of advanced rapid prototyping techniques and state-of-the-art engineering software during the development phase, with which we can make technical feasibility calculations, amongst others. This makes us an expert and agile partner for our customers, right from the beginning of the development phase.” 

Product optimisation

“Translating ideas into new, innovative products requires specific knowledge and experience,” emphasises Leendert Noordzij. “Customers come to us with their plans, they have often already made a sketch and then it is important to find out what the underlying idea is. Weight, space and/or assembly profit can often be accomplished with a new profile. Major cost reduction is also an important objective and often involves improving the properties. For example, a product must be more corrosion resistant, more wear resistant, more bendable or stiffer. This requires a careful combination of an optimal constructive design, choice of materials and finish. If necessary, we will do tests in consultation with our material suppliers with specific steel types, withexcellent solutions as a result. Forexample, we developed a steel beam for one of our clients in the construction industry, which is an excellent alternative to the heavy ‘traditional’ concrete floor joists. In addition, we are quite strong when it comes to warehouse technology. 

Compactand efficient construction (space and time saving), light in weight, very strong, durable and precise tolerances are crucial criteria. Another important market is the solar industry, where we develop durable, corrosion resistant support structures for solar panels. For yet another sector, trailer construction, weproduce light, strong profiles from special ‘high strength steel types' for important weight savings in this industry. Moreover, by giving these profilesspecific form, they are quicker to assemble, which results in lower production costs. We can provide all profiles with corrosion resistant, wear resistant and/or aesthetically attractive galvanic or organic surface layers (coatings). In short, we develop smart, sustainable and attractive profile structures in cooperation with our customerswhere a lot of technical ingenuity can be found. Generating this added value specifically is one of our most important missions.” 

Logistic service

“We follow our customers around the world,” says Leendert Noordzij to conclude. “Many of our customers are export oriented and we focus on that. An important aspect of our business also pertainsto our logistics organisation. We deliver to customers worldwide from the strategically located Moerdijk. The U.S. is currently a strongly growing market and apart from us being strong in Europe, we also supply customers in Dubai, Japan, Australia, Rwanda, Israel, Russia, North and South America, etc. We are going to further intensify our international logistics services in the coming years. The method of labelling, packing, loading and organising the right transport forms are thus important aspects whereby we offer our customers a complete logistics support. For example, for residential and commercial construction, we create specific “construction packages” that follow the building process 1: 1. There are also customers who want to have these profile phases delivered in a specific order. This often occurs in larger Material Handling projects. The profiles are clearly coded for this and supplied, as desired, with assembling materials. Taking care of your problemsis our mission, so that our customers can fully focus on their core business with our products and services and subsequentlyquickly enhance their market share and profitability. Win-Win, in other words, and we have become one of the leading profile manufacturers in Europe with this strategy and philosophy.”

Leendert Noordzij

CEO KS Profiel

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Leendert Noordzij, CEO of KS profiel B.V.
Everyone at KS profiel is 100% committed creating excellent products.
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Our inventive spirit is always on the move. Finding innovative solutions with you, as a customer, to us is like a sport!
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KS Profile offers a good partnership: right on time, the right quality of steel !
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