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Steel coils can be delivered according to your specifications. In addition, we also offer custom made steel slit strip flat sheets, e.g for frames and molds, typesetting purposes, and half-pipe skating rinks.

  • Hot rolled pickled: DX11, S235, S355, S420
  • Hot-dipped galvanized: DX51, DX52, S280-S700 in Z100-Z800
  • Magnesium Zinc: DX51-S420ZM 140/ZM 275
  • Cold rolled: DC01
  • Aluzinc: DX51 AZ 150
  • Electrolytic galvanized: DC01 ZE 25/25
  • Aluminiumised: DX51 AS120
  • Pre-coated, such as polyester, plastisol
  • Stainless steel FE430, 304_2B, 316_2B
Finishing: punching and/or foiling.


Thicknesses of 0.4 mm to 4.0 mm (thicker on request).Narrow thickness tolerances according to NEN-EN standards.


Minimum width 25 mm, maximum width 1,575 mm (narrower and wider on request).Width tolerance +/- 0.2, +0/-0.2 or -0/+ 0,2 mm.


To protect your steel, we can add a protective film to your material using our slitter. To protect the steel, we apply a single-sided film, so the visible side is perfectly protected.

The protective film can be used for:

  • Stainless steel, where the filmprevents the steel from reacting with the stainless steel
  • Varnished material, where the film prevents the material being scratched

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