After treatments / Finishes

A number of finishes can applied to make cold-rolled steel sections more durable or to give them a distinct look. We do not carry out the after treatments ourselves, but we do provide the service.


This process involves immersing the profile sections in hydrochloric acid, called ‘pickling’ in technical jargon. This is necessary to make the surface of a profile free of dirt and grease before it is coated or galvanized, to guarantee good adhesion.

Blasting and priming

Blasting is an excellent method of improving adhesion. The blasting method is chosen when the profile is welded or if the surface needs to be free of mill scale. The surface of the profile is blasted with sand under high pressures. This removes all grease and mill scale from the profile. An additional advantage of blasting is that the surface of the profile is coarsened leading to better adhesion. After sand blasting, the sections are provided with a red or gray lead coating (an adhesive and protective primer). The sections are subsequently ready for processing.


Coating entails providing profile sections with a sprayed (powder) coating in any desired color. This process can be applied to profiles used for racking purposes.

Hot dipped galvanizing

Iron and steel will rust. And the oxide layer that forms on steel has a larger volume than the metal itself, and as such is not a protective sealing layer. This is why it is crucial for many steel products to be given an anti-corrosive layer. In case of hot dipped galvanizing, profiles are first immersed in hydrochloric acid, a process called pickling, and is subsequently placed in a bath of liquid zinc – which is why the process is sometimes called submerged galvanizing. The zinc layer applied depends on the thickness of the material to be galvanized.

Trend: coated magnesium/zinc overtakes hot dipped galvanizing

In recent years, the use of steel materials with a magnesium/zinc coating has been on the increase. This method yields 10 times the corrosion resistance compared to ordinary galvanized steel, even in the most hostile outdoor environments. We’d be happy to tell you more about the various possibilities and cost cuts.

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